The Thirteenth Torment

Available now, a Detective Crime Thriller set in the world of a very specialised Police Criminal Investigation Department.

DI Kate Landers and her team have a motto: “Victim Safe, Villain confesses.” Simple… But when a small boy is found watching a man burn to death in a garden shed, and no-one knows who the boy is or why he’s there, Kate and her specialist Child Protection team get dragged into a murder investigation.

Kate finds her role as a Child Protector is compromised when the line between children as victims and children as villains gets increasingly blurred and more and more kids get embroiled in the investigation.

When another burnt body is found – the body of someone who had a role in Child Protection, Kate is horrified to realise that the wolves have been guarding the lambs – and the lambs are fighting back……

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First Passage


The boy was in shock. The air stank of burning flesh. He would smell it for weeks, even when he was asleep. It was the stuff of nightmares. It smelt like fried grease. Like blackened port crackling.

It was sticking to him, on his hair and skin. It stung his eyes and scalded his lips.

The boy pressed himself against the large window and watched in fascinated horror as the man’s face burnt away on one side. The eye was exposed above his scorched cheek. It was completely white, like a charcoaled fish eye. His hair was gone and his head was just an ugly mass of burnt skin, except for a patch at the top of his neck. This was bright pink and cracking open.

The man was lying against the opposite wall of the shed from where the boy stood watching. The boy wanted to run, but was unable drag himself away. He knew that the man had been on fire first, and then the flames had caught the brick and wood structure. It was a big shed but it was burning fast.

He stood there for six or seven seconds, that’s all it was, when he saw the burning man start to move. The fingers of one grotesque and smouldering hand reached out towards him, one at a time, then snapped back into a claw.

The boy started to scream.

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