These I Love

I have read this wonderful story over and over. The wrap around picture cover of ‘Thunderhead’ got destroyed somehow…I probably left it somewhere where small children could get at it – for which I am truly sorry, but it doesn’t diminish my joy in these books.


When I first read ‘My Friend Flicka’ I identified with the dreamer Ken; with his yearning for a colt of his own, for something that would love him more than anyone else. I understood his daydreaming – I was a daydreamer. I too lost myself in stories and fantasies and forgot about the ‘real world’.

I was pony mad as a child.

Mary O’Hara so accurately captures the heart of the child, the difficulties and victories of growing up, the rewards born from having a passion, and having the courage to follow it.

I love this story.

A Special Gift

A special gift – My Husband is kind enough to seek out special copies of books that I love. One Christmas he surprised me with this leather bound 1937, seventh impression edition of ‘Gone With The Wind’. Just the feel of the paper makes me tingle. I wonder who first owned this marvellous volume? Was it a present? Who from? What was their life like – and where did they sit to read? One thing I know for sure – their life would have been very different from my own, and yet we are linked. We are linked because I hold the same pages in my fingers that they held.

If I were going to be a character from a book, I would be Scarlett O’Hara. Although I’m pretty sure I would see the merits of Rhett Butler a lot quicker! I find the social history surrounding the success of this book fascinating. The release of the film practically brought the USA to a standstill. It was an event that gripped the nation.

And my first choice

I have read this book so many times that my original paperback copy literally fell apart, (it still sits near my bed, but the pages are loose and the front cover is missing). This 1960 hardback edition was another wonderful present.

My original paperback – tatty, but much loved. My fingers burned through this book as I was engulfed in the story. I can’t let this poor little paper book go – it was my introduction to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’